Monday, October 20, 2014

Sorry I'm Slow!! Meet Slalarm

Hi everyone... Annie here with another introduction for you of another FUN Squarey Monster!
Meet Slalram!
This alien creature who never sleeps is of an unknown alien species, but still falls under the Squarey Monsters genus through honorary membership. Slalarm is a helpful creature (albeit slow) who knows when you’ve got responsibilities to take care of. He’ll start on his mission to get your attention, but you move so fast it takes forever for him to catch up. That’s why you normally only see him at night. The only time he can catch up to you is when you’re sleeping. He taps you relentlessly to remind you of what you forgot to do the day before. Wake up!

Here is what I made for mighty slow, but helpful Slalarm!
 Slalarm is so slow.. he wont be ready in the store until FRIDAY.. its gonna take him that long to get activated there..but he sure is worth the wait!
I placed him on the Candy Bar Holder file...and used the Lady bug from My Little LadyBug
I took the Action Bubble and stretched it out to fit my sentiment from Funny Mail and the wonderful grass Die from Spring Dies
All the paper and sequins are from my DoodleBug Stash!

To learn more about Squarey Monsters, click HERE or the logo below!

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Sarah said...

Oh goodness--he's so cute! Love that he's a tish bit slow-- kinda how on I feel today!