Monday, October 27, 2014

Squarey Monsters Bitzy and Hushy

Hello Everyone! Mel from Doxie Mel Designs with a sneak peek of some new Squarey Monsters that SVG Cutting Files will have this Friday! Here are Bitzy and Hushy. 
Bitzy loves technology and gadgets. She's obsessed with keeping gizmos gathered.
Solar power keeps her going, and she never needs batteries. 

Hushy likes to hear your thoughts.
He makes up riddles in his head, so mum is always the word.
He's like a vault, so you can tell him anything, and he won't spill the beans.
Aww..Hushy is in a rare mood.. he is letting you take a peek at the candy inside the Lollipop Box. I found the perfect sentiment to go with each Squarey Monster from Jaded Blososm. 

SVG Cutting Files

Find out more about Squarey Monsters by clicking the logo :)

Jaded Blossom
"Wishing you Sunny Days"- Happy Summer
"Top Secret Treats" - Detective Bundle
Tag Die - Mini Tag Dies 2

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Georgiana said...

What a neat surprise to find in the box! Very cool!

Beckie Williams said...

Just fantastic