Thursday, October 9, 2014

Who is ready to Tango-Go?

Wait until you meet Tango-Go! I love his BOLD Bright Colors!!
Tango-Go will be available in the store on Friday!

This creature is an arrange-a-tang of the G.Mod genus. Typically an arrange-a-tang is a citrus creature who can shape-shift, or “arrange” itself into any shape to suit any meal. They’re goal in life is pretty much to be eaten; so as genetically modified fruit monsters they’ll hide in recipes, and wait for you. Tango-go in particular likes party food. Unfortunately for him, since very few people have good, nutritious food at parties he remains uneaten. Fortunately for you his G.Mod horns won’t get you.

How SUPER FUN is he? Again Tango GO will be in stores FRIDAY!!
Since he is a citrus creature, I found the fun Peachy O gummies candy for him.
 I added my candy treats into the 3 X 4 bags and attached them to the Ticket Die.
Tango-Go just went perfect with this Berrylicious sentiment!

These and all our Squarey Monster cut files are based off original artwork from Squarey Monsters.  Check them all out here!


morentin1326 said...

awesome... I really like the monsters

Migdalia said...

Super cute & Yum!!
Have a wonderful day,
*Crafting With Creative M*